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Dena Ross Healthcare Consulting, LLC was founded with the desire to help individuals and institutions improve the value of healthcare for both those receiving the care and for those providing it.  Medicine is both a calling and a livelihood; it is appropriate to acknowledge its dual nature. Dr. Ross has years of clinical experience in a variety of settings - inpatient, outpatient, and even house calls.  Recognizing the complexities of the non-clinical decisions facing physicians and other healthcare professionals, she chose to return to school for a business degree.  Dr. Ross is passionate about sharing knowledge and helping others achieve their dreams.  She is an inclusive, enthusiastic mentor who supports and engages others. She is a creative problem solver and a believer in continuous learning and improvement - both professionally and personally. 

Dr. Ross attended the University of Rochester for both her undergraduate degree in Psychology, as well as for medical school.  She completed her residency in Pediatrics at Baystate Medical Center in Springfield, MA and received her Healthcare MBA through a joint program between Oregon Health and Science University and Portland State University.

She lives with her husband, three children, and their menagerie of pets in Englewood, Colorado.  

About Dr. Ross: About Me
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